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How much does video production cost?

How much does video production cost? Miami Video Production, South Florida Production Company

Let’s face it. More and more people are viewing their content on sites like YouTube and Facebook. This has opened an opportunity to capture new clients that didn’t exist 5-10 years ago. Businesses are turning to video as a more appealing way of capturing these potential client’s attention. Video’s are integrated into companies websites, landing pages, mobile pages, and more. Video’s can also be shared through social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. There is a massive audience waiting to see what a businesses can offer them… the business just needs to be able to show it!

So it’s REALLY expensive, right?

No. The beauty of video production is that every project is as unique as the businesses the represent. Projects can be lengthy and intensive, or they can be simple and straightforward. The video production cost breaks down into 3 main segments: Pre Production, Production, and Post Production.

Pre Production

Pre Production is the first stage of the video production process. This is the stage in which everything is planned, so that the production process can go as smoothly as possible. What do you want your video to say? What’s your message? The producer will develop a concept that will present your message in the best possible way. This includes planning location, deciding on the look and feel of your video, and writing a detailed script. This is also the stage in which the producer finds talent for the video. Does the project require actors? Does it need voice over work? You can see how important the Pre Production process is.


The Production stage is when the actual filming takes place. How many days is the shoot going to take? Where is the video going to be shot? Are there multiple locations, or is the CEO going to give an interview? All of these factors will affect the budget of the project.

Post Production

Post Production is an extremely important part of the video production process. This is where all the planning comes to fruition. All the footage is edited, color corrected and polished.  The video editor will work with the client to come up with a distinct style and voice for the video. If necessary, voice overs, and music is added to complete the project. The cost of post production depends on how long it will to take to edit, and complete the video.

Building your project’s budget

As you can see, every project is unique. Every project serves a distinct purpose. Is it to sell a product? Is it informative? It is important to work with a company that understands the message you are trying to get across. The producer has to grasp this concept, and create a video that satisfies these needs.

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