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Which Companies Are Doing Video Production Right?

We live in the age of technology, more specifically, internet technology and the rapid advancements that come with it. An age where 99% of all businesses have a website which serves as their online footprint for potential customers to see. The question now is, what can you do to stand out from the competition? In this segment, “Which Companies Are Doing It Right?” we’ll take a look at various companies thoughout the US (and some abroad) who are taking advantage of integrating video into their online marketing strategy.

Within the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, lies a unique, high-end, luxury tower known as The Cove. The Cove caters to a specific demographic and markets their amenities and experience toward a clientele that desires a certain level of luxury and privacy when they travel. The marketing team could take the easy route and write page after page of content describing what the experience is like, or they could SHOW it. Immediately after their web-page loads, a video link aligned center-screen catches your eye. After the link is clicked, a light box appears and presents the viewer with an amazing video highlighting the experience of The Cove. The video is the companies selling point and it’s the first thing the viewer sees upon visiting the site.

We at DuGros Media Group believe that all business have a use for creative, quality videos in order to showcase their product or service, but when your business falls under the “travel & leisure” niche, video should be mandatory! Creating engaging and captivating videos is what we love to do, it’s our passion first and our job second. Let us help your business grow and capture the customers you may be missing.

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