Video Production

How Video Production Can Lead To Sales

Attention business owners: On the web, content means everything. What do we mean by that? These days, nearly everyone uses search engines to seek-out a product or service they desire. However, as internet access becomes more available, easier to navigate, and faster – attention spans become shorter. Your business’s website serves as its 24/7 sales person, and it needs the right tools in order to help make that sale possible.

When potential customers come across your website, they will not want to spend time reading about the product/service you offer; besides, most users will be on smartphones which are not ideal for reading page after page of text. What’s the solution? Creative and engaging content, video! Why tell someone about your product when you can SHOW them. A video lets the customer lean back and let the information come to them, instead of leaning forward and having to find the information for themselves. Another great tool for converting sales is customer testimonials. Written testimonials from satisfied customers are great, but video testimonials and reviews are even better! A video testimonial is more believable and holds more weight in the decision making ability of a potential customer.

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