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Video For Business: Answering Frequently Asked Questions

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In previous posts, we’ve highlighted how using video can increase sales and how customer testimonials can add  value to your brand. Now, we’d like to touch on another genre of video content; answering “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)”. Regardless of what service your business offers, or products you sell, customers will ALWAYS have questions. Most businesses dedicate an entire page on their website to answering common questions posed by their customers. For example, a dermatologist might list answers to, Is X procedure covered by insurance? Is X procedure painful? Written answers to these and other (relative) frequently asked questions are a great resource to provide for your clients. However, answering questions via video adds that extra “wow” factor.

When a business owner or knowledgeable representative takes the time to create a FAQ video(s) it adds that interactive, personal touch which helps you stand out from the competition. When customers hear and see  their questions answered directly from the source, it resembles a one-on-one conversation. This idea helps establish trust between the customer and your business.

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