Video marketing tips

Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing TipsAt DuGros Media Group, we understand that video marketing shouldn’t just end at production. Here are some tips to keep in mind after you have created a beautiful looking video!

Video Marketing Tips – Top 3

1. Keyword research: Before you set out to make a video, you need to know the purpose of the video. You need to what you are going to talk about and why you’re going to talk about it. Keyword research is essential if you plan on marketing your completed video. You can create the most stunning video on the internet, but if nobody is searching for what your talking about, then whats the point? You should find keywords that apply to your product or service, and content rich videos based on the keywords you choose.

2. On Page Optimization: After you’ve done keyword research and created your videos, you MUST optimize the video for the web. How do you do this? With optimized titles, descriptions, and links. On page optimization is essential if you are trying to reach the largest amount of viewers possible. To learn more about on page optimization, check out our VSEO page.

3. Off Page Optimization: In order to get your videos to show up in the search engines you need to build relevant back links. What are back links? Essentially they tell the search engines if your video should rank for the keyword you’re going after. If you want to rank your videos in the search engines and get as many viewers you can, off page optimization can’t be ignored. For help with off page optimization, contact us now!

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